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You will learn to maximise the deal with our commercial negotiation services, helping you build impactful outcomes as a negotiator.

Small and agile, we create bespoke solutions for our clients that work.

How do we Elevate your negotiation success?

What is our mission?

We aim to advance the way your team approaches any interaction with your business partners. Ensuring the best possible outcomes for your negotiations.

Spark your curiosity. Find out what is truly important to your counterparty. Get inside their head. Turn them into your business partner, wherever possible.

Learn the negotiation landscape. Map out your strategy using the tools and techniques which we will teach you.
Target your efforts for maximum value.

Know yourself. Keep your ego in check. Handle difficult situations. Learn to adapt your behaviour according to the situation.

Approach every negotiation with confidence. Build it by developing your curiosity, knowing your strategy and understanding yourself.


Your Negotiation Partner

What does the name stand for?



We obviously do not negotiate on our own. We also do not negotiate with a company, we negotiate with the people in that company.

We need to get inside their head, see it from their perspective and understand what is important to them.


The word ‘MIND’ does not only stand for the other person, it is also about our mind-set. With what mind-set we approach the negotiation is crucial.

We need to understand our own mindset and understand what is appropriate in which situation.


If we do not act mindfully we risk being driven by our subconscious. Our subconscious mind feels uncomfortable when we attempt to do anything new or different. This often goes against changing any of our established patterns of behaviour, we prefer staying in our comfort zone. In a negotiation, in order to achieve new results, we have to stay mindful.


Exponential growth

The squared sign stands for exponential growth. This is what we strive for.

About the Founder

Angela Barbazeni

My name is Angela Barbazeni, and I am the founder of MINDsquared.

Having mastered in Business & Economics at the University of Basel, Switzerland I went on to pass the Charted Financial Advisor exams (CFA charter holder) .

Since then I’ve worked for almost a decade in Mergers & Acquisition at KPMG Switzerland, being part of the financial due diligence team. I had the opportunity to sit on the negotiation table of medium-sized to Fortune 500 deals all over Europe

During this time, I witnessed many deals deadlocking – despite the fact that the deal made financially sense and the numbers stuck up. 

So I asked myself: if the financial side of the deal makes sense, why do so many negotiations go pear-shape?

I noticed it always came down to one word with three letters: E.G.O.

Too much ego, inappropriate behaviour, the desire to ‘win’, you name it. Yes, the deal is about numbers, but people conduct the negotiation. And unless we know how to deal with our own ego and the ego of the other person, chances are high we reach a costly impasse.

How did we get here?

Passionate About Growth

Personal growth and business growth. What do people need to do to be more successful in their career? What do businesses need to do to grow their business?

My fascination with the behavioural side grew and I got intrigued to understand which conduct leads to better results in a negotiation.

That’s how a passion for numbers, people and growth led me to join a negotiation services training and consultancy company for 6 years.

In 2020, I founded my own negotiation consultancy company: MINDsquared.

The name stands for the things that I am passionate about: the people (mind) and the numbers and growth (squared).  Let me get you mindsquared!

Expert Negotiation Strategy

I help executives improve their bottom lines by maximising the value they can achieve in a negotiation.

I'm on a mission to inspire negotiators to develop their curiosity and build more creative solutions. Helping businesses realise that two minds working together can create exponentially more value – especially in a negotiation.

Angela Barbazeni.

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